Shamballa Bracelets Introduction


Shamballa bracelets, also known as Shambhala, Sambhala, and under many other names, have reignited the ball bead bracelet fashion.


Over the vast regions of ancient Tibet, we arrive to this magical land. There are many ideas as to what these Shambala bracelets represent; however, the general idea is to promote your well being. Furthermore, Tibetan medical texts believed to have come from this kingdom of Sambhala, describing human anatomy and physiology, sophisticated theories and methods of diagnosis, and ways to prevent and cure serious diseases. It is also said that Shambhala is the dharma chakra, located in the heart of all living beings. It is the symbol for the mind, completing the trinity of body, speech, and mind. A form of music that helps transcends one’s mind and soul is electronic music.


Incidentally, shambala disco ball bracelets have more meaning than just a bracelet inspired by meditation and traditions of Buddhist culture. Depending on the style, color, and shape, each bracelet has built in individual meanings. With that said, many of today’s celebrities wear these bracelets for their own beliefs.


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